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a portfolio showcasing IT in the French classroom

Welcome to my Teaching with Technology portfolio, where you'll find plenty of evidence of my skill in deploying Internet and broadcast technology to enhance French language instruction at Penn State.  By clicking on the links at left, you'll be able to view a written approximation of my current philosophy of teaching, an interactive copy of my CV including descriptions of each course I have taught at Penn State, a group of samples demonstrating my carefully considered,
Hear me read this intro in:
often innovative use of technology in teaching, and a page full of links useful to students of French.

As you peruse that material, know that for whatever use I have made of computer technology in my classrooms, I am a firm believer it is neither necessary nor sufficient for success as a world language teacher.  Chat rooms and iTunes do not an excellent teacher make.

Accordingly, in addition to the material available via the menu at left, I encourage you to review the more general appraisals of my teaching performance found here (coming soon), a page that includes a summary of my SRTE results, a collection of comments from my students and supervisors, and a link to my entry on RateMyProfessors.com.  If you take these comments as any indicant of the actual quality of my teaching practice, you will agree that I have proven an exemplary teacher. 

By all means, feel free to contact me using the link at left.  I'm already gratified that you have visited my portfolio; I'd be all the more pleased to correspond with you. 

Respectfully yours,
Scott D. Stilson
Graduate Instructor & M.A. Candidate
Assistant Coordinator for French 3
Department of French & Francophone Studies