John Boateng's Home

I am in my third year as PhD candidate in the Agricultural and Extension Education Program. During this period I have served as a Teaching Assistant for two Professors and in two courses:
  • Teaching Assistant to Dr. H.B. Bruening

Course Title: AEE 440, Section 001: Communication Methods & Media

  • Teaching Assistant to Dr. Connie C. Flanagan

Course Title: YFE 535 – Section 001: Youth Civic Development

In my responsibility as a Teaching Assistant for the course AEE 440, I sat in class with the Professor. I filled in as a substitute teacher in his absence when a guest lecturer was not scheduled. I was responsible also for developing quiz or test questions and putting them out for students. I conducted the quizzes and graded them before passing them to my professor for review. Most importantly, I was responsible for teaching a practical aspect of the course, a field based video and photo production. Some of the specific activities carried out by me with students included:

  • Video and Digital Photography
  • Video editing using i-movie
  • Video production using i-movie and iDVD
  • Photo editing using i-photo, fireworks and Photoshop
  • Video and photo presentations

I developed and rewrote several chapters of the AEE 440 Manual that is currently used for the course.

My responsibility as the Teaching Assistant for the course YFE 535, I have used angel to set up an out-of-class course facility and information including:

  • List of course related articles and course materials that student access anytime and from anywhere to prepare for classes
  • Guest user ports/facility to enable students at distant locations to be able to log into course site to access the reading materials
  • A message Board for information exchange
  • A drop Box to collect homework and assignments
  • Link to other sources that are of importance to student learning or where student could procure additional reading materials
  • A student feedback facility to access student feedback in order to continuously improve course delivery to meet student needs.

Working closely with a staff member and course mate, I coordinated a video conference between participants in the class YFE 535 and a group of students and professors (including my Professor, Dr. Connie Flanagan) in a similar program in a University at Santiago in Chile.