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Formula Appendix

Here is chart listing formulas, when to use them and alternates.

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  2. Calculating Numeric Grades
  3. Calculating Letter Grades
  4. Analyzing Student and Course Performance


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Calculate Numeric Grades

These formulas are used to calculate numeric points and percentages. Note that arbitrary cell values are used in the formulas.

Issue Formula Syntax Notes
Add Scores =SUM(A1:G1)  
Find Percentage =A1/A$2 (A2 is total points)
=PRODUCT (A1,1/A$2)
1. Use "Percentage" number formatting to convert ratio to a percent.

2. Use the $ in cell references to make sure formulas refer to the same formula. For instance A$2 would hold the reference to row 2.
Drop Lowest =SUM(A1:G1)-MIN(A1:G1)
You can subtract the result of either the MIN function or the the first lowest number (SMALL function).
Drop Lowest 2 =SUM(A1:G1)-(SMALL(A1:G1,2)+SMALL(A1:G1,1)) This formula subtracts the second smallest score and the first smallest score from the total. To subtract more scores, use a SMALL functions for each score place to remove.
Find Highest Score =MAX(A1:G1)
You can use either the MAX function or find the first largest number (LARGE function).
Find Highest 2 =LARGE(A1:G1,2)+LARGE(A1:G1,1) This formula adds the second highest and the first highest score. To add more scores, add a LARGE function for each rank.
Average of Scores =AVERAGE(A1:G1)  
Weight by Percentage =.1*A1+.2*G1+... You must find the sum of each course component first, then multiply it by the decimal point corresponding to the percentage weights.


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Calculating Letter Grades

See the Formulas page for detailed information on how letter grade formulas work.

Pass/Fail Formula

Possible Glitches

Simple Letter Grades

Adding the Plus and Minus

  1. Insert the following formula into cell after the final percentage.
    This formula calculates grades down to B-. If the score is not a B-, then the cell is left blank ("").
  2. Insert this formula after the first formula.
    This formulas checks to see if there is a score in Column J (J2<>""). If there is a score, it copies the value in cell J2; otherwise it calculates grades for C-F.

Here is a copy of the mock spreadsheet showing the results of both formulas.

Mock Student Spreadsheet with Letter Grade Results
  A H I J K
1 Name Totals Percent Intermediate Final Letter Grade
2 Picard, J. 112 93.3% A- A-
3 Riker, W. 106 88.3% B+ B+
4 Troi, D. 117 97.5% A A
5 Zellig,W. 83 69.2%   D


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Analyzing Student and Course Performance

These formulas help you analyze student performance based on distribution of grades.

Formulas for Assessing Student/Course Performance
Issue Formula Syntax
Mean, Average =AVERAGE(A1:G1)
Standard Deviation =STDEV(A1:G1)
Find number of instances of a letter grade "A" in a range =COUNTIF(A1:G1,"A")
Median =MEDIAN(A1:G1)
Correlate Scores between assignments.

A score of 1.0 is perfect correlation. Scores of .5 or better may be acceptable. Lower scores may indicate a problem in the construction of one of the assignments


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Last Update: May 18, 2011