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This Web site was created for instructors interested in starting to incorporate case assignments into their curricula.

Case studies are traditionally associated with business school, law school and social science classes, but can be used in any discipline in which students need to explore how issues and principles learned in class interact in real world situations. As a result, case studies methodologies have expanded to other disciplines including the physical sciences, mathematics, literature and history.

Site Contents

What is a case? - The basic anatomy of a case, plus some examples and interesting variations in case assignment types.

Writing the Case - Some tips and strategies for writing an effective narrative and defining the assignment.

Teaching Tips - Some ideas of how to introduce students to the case study methodology.

ANGEL Tips - Some ideas on how the ANGEL Course Management System and other similar tools can facilitate the use of cases in the classroom.

Related Concepts - Information and links to related concepts including Problem Based Learning and team work.

Links - Additional resources and case repositories.

Tips for Students - A page for students explaining the rationale behind case assignments and some suggested steps for solving open-ended problems.



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