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Orthographic Projection Demos
Flash Animation

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These Flash animations and image show how specifications for three-dimensional objects are translated into two-dimensional orthographic projections.

Screen Capture

Shows 3D object with projections on sides of an unfolding cube

Course Information

Original Course: ED&G 100 - Engineering Design and Graphics

Year: 2006

Original Instructor: Ivan Esparragoza, Penn State Delaware County

Other Uses: This module could in any engineering or architecture course requiring students to understand orthographic projection drawings.

License and Download

This MTO item can be used royalty-free under the following conditions. See the MTO Item Open Source License for complete terms.

Download Link

All the tutorial files (text, animation and images) are compressed into one file. Once you download the file, double-click on the .zip file to extract the Files. Open the ReadMe.html file for instructions on posting quiz on a Web site or in a course management system.


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