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Jewish History Maps

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These are a series of maps illustrating different aspects of Jewish cultural and political history ranging from the Old Testament Era to the modern Israel. Images include topographic maps, boundaries for ancient kingdoms, locations of Jewish populations, medieval maps and maps showing the changing boundaries of the modern Israeli state and Palestine.


Israel Topography

Geology of Israel
Israel/Sinai Top.

Geology of Sinai and Israel
Mid-East/NE Africa
Yellow zone for Libya to Iran
Twelve Tribes
Colored zones for 12 tribes

Solomon's Kingdom

Israel & Judah
Persian Empire

Alexander's Empire
Maximum Extent, ca. 323 BC

Seleucid Empire
Emprire included Israel, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran
Hasmonean Reign
Judean Province

Roman Empire
thumnail. Circa 120 A.D.
Byzantine Palestina
Islamic Empire
thumbnail. Circa 750 A.D.
Iberia 1210
thumbnail. Shows kingdoms
Iberian Reconquest
thumbnail. Shows colored zones of Christian reconquest
Iberian Peninsula
thumbnail of Iberia with regions marked
Rhine Settlements
thumbnail. Shows Mainz, Cologne, Speyer
Medieval Europe
thumbnail. Jewish settlements from Britain to Czechoslovakia
Ottoman Empire
Circa 1683. Includes Balkans, Turkey, Levant, Egypt, North Africa
WWII Axis Control
Shows areas of Nazi and Mussolini control
WWII Ghetto Revolts
Shows Eastern European cities where Jews rebelled in Nazi ghettos or planned escapes
Concentration Camps
Shows locations of concentration camps
Palestine 1920
Shows area of British Mandate
1947 UN Partition
Shows borders of proposed Israeli and Arab state
1949 Armistice
Shows border of Israel and Jordan
Six Day War
Shows gain of West Bank, Sinai, Golan Heights for Israel
Israel in 2005
Israel and Palestinian Authority
Jewish Communities
Jewish population in Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia

Original Course Information

Original Course: J ST 10 - Jewish Civilizations

Instructor: Alan Benjamin, Jewish Studies Program

Year: 2006

Other Courses: These maps can be used for courses on Ancient history, medieval culture, or modern politics of the Middle East.

License and Download

This MTO item can be used royalty-free under the following conditions. See the MTO Item Open Source License for complete terms.

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