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Electron Flow in Lightbulbs
Flash Animation

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These Flash files show how electrons flow through a light bulb filamement.

  1. The first animation is a plain light bulb animation which demonstrates how electrons flowing through a narrow filament encounter resistance, causing the filiment to heat up and expel energy as light and heat.
  2. The second animation demonstrates the Edison Effect where electrons which flow into a bulb can be attracted to a charged plate and produce a current.

Screen Capture: Lightbulb

light bulb screen capture electrons flowing through filament

Screen Capture: Edison Effect

Edison Effect screen capture - electrons in light bublb floating to charged plate


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Course Information

Original Course: INART 55 - History of Electroacoustical Music

Year: 2005

Original Instructor: Mark Ballora, School of Music

Other Uses: This module could also be used in other physics, and engineering courses.

License and Download

This MTO item can be used royalty-free under the following conditions. See the MTO Item Open Source License for complete terms.

Download Link

The .swf Flash animation file and help documents are compressed in a .zip file. Once you download the file, double-click on the .zip file to extract the Files. Open the ReadMe.html file for instructions on posting the Flash file on a Web site or in a course management system.

Download Animation ( - 240 KB)


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