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About this Repository

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What are "Multimedia Teaching Objects"?

A multimedia teaching object is a modular digital resource using new media technologies such as animation, three-dimensional visualization, video and audio, interactive objects, applications for PDAs or other technological options.

The goal of the multimedia teaching object grant is to create items which can be reused in multiple courses in different levels or departments.


What are the restrictions on using an MTO?

Any Multimedia Teaching Object (MTO) item can be used by anyone royalty-free under the following conditions.

See the MTO Item Open Source License for complete terms.

Can users outside Penn State download MTOs?

Yes, but they are restricted to using them for educational, non-commercial purposes as listed above. Attribution to Penn State is also requested.

What do I do with a downloaded file?

Downloaded files are compressed into a .zip format.

  1. Use a program such as WinZip or StuffIt to decompress the file into a folder.
  2. Each MTO zip file contains a ReadMe.html file which contains specific instructions for uploading each MTO.

Can I upload MTOs into the ANGEL Course Managment System?

Yes. Each MTO zip file contains a Zip file called designed for easy upload into ANGEL. To upload this file:

  1. Log in to the course management system and navigate to your course.
  2. Go to the Lessons tab, then click Add Content in the toolbar.
  3. Select Add a File, then upload ""
  4. Click the Extract button to expand the contents of the file.
  5. Select "index.html" as the default page.
  6. Students who click on the link for that file should see the animation.
  7. To make the animation open in a new window, click the Settings above the animation. Check Advanced settings, then change Link Target to "New Window" and check No Banner.
  8. If you see a message to download a .zip file, you need to re-upload the file and click Extract.

If you are using another course managment system, refer to the manufacturer's documentation for instructions on uploading multiple files.

Can I contribute items into the MTO repository?

If you have created unique educational multimedia items at Penn State and are willing to have them be distributed royalty-free to the educational community under the terms listed in the previous section, then items may be accepted into the MTO repository. Please contact for further details.

Note: Copyright of items deposited in the MTO will be assumed to be held by Penn State, but will be distributed on an open source basis according to the license terms above.


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